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UNIDEL’s innovation timeline has been built in 3 phases over the last 40 years.

UNIDEL 1.0: In our first phase from 1973 – 1991, we were indigenous designers and manufacturers of a wide range of industrial products. Our focus was the domestic Indian market.

UNIDEL 2.0: In 1991, we were disrupted by India’s economic liberalization program. We faced competition from MNCs and to survive we partnered with global automation OEMs to eventually emerge as one of the leading industrial automation groups in India. In 2008, as part of a large industry consolidation, we decided to exit the domestic automation business in favor of our global partners. This was the end of our second phase of innovation.

UNIDEL 3.0: In our third and current phase, we have used our experience in industrial automation to build three global software businesses in industries that are being reshaped by technology

Today UNIDEL companies help drive critical decision-making through better insights enabled by automation, data and analytics.

Innovation Timeline

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