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December 2019

The Horizontal Hockey Stick

Does the proverbial concept of “hockey stick growth” even exist? Or is it that all entrepreneurs and investors are in perpetual pursuit of nothing but a myth? We’ve found that hitting “scale” takes time and there’s no magic silver bullet that will take you from zero to hero overnight.

September 2019

Living & Breathing Innovation

They say necessity is the mother of invention and its true. We’ve seen so much change in our journey until today – once disrupted, now turned into a disrupter. When you walk through fire like that, nothing phases you and innovation becomes a part of your DNA.

May 2019

Software – The Invisible Giant

The word software has become such a ubiquitous part of our vocabulary that few people stop to think what an all-encompassing term it is. Software is any computer program or data that can be electronically stored.

February 2019

Silicon Valley is Everywhere!

For decades Silicon Valley claimed a monopoly on technological innovation. But as the world has become smaller and fully connected, other places – some likely and some even unlikely, have elbowed in to become global innovation hubs in their own right.

December 2016

More Clients, More Clients, Same Staff,

Every client is unique, but all their investment data has similar characteristics- multiple asset classes, high value transactions, large volumes, diverse data sources from numerous bankers, brokers or advisors and immense complexity.

December 2015

How to separate Business Wealth and Family Wealth

India ranked sixth in terms of growth rate of ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI) and is expected to account for 5 per cent of the world’s UHNWI population by 2025¹. This rapid addition to the UHNWI population is predominantly

November 2015

Do you have a consolidated view of your capital gains?

Capital gains are a quagmire of asset classes, holding periods and differential rates. And yet there are numerous opportunities for expensing, indexation, set-off and tax reducing strategies if one just has a clear and complete picture of capital gains.

October 2017

3 Basic reports every wealth owner should have at their fingertips

More often than not, we find ourselves overwhelmed by heaps of fragmented data, with very little time to process it all. The challenge is to make this financial data work for you; to know what to look for, and where to find the information you need

September 2017

Evolving Role of Technology in Managing Family Assets

India in the twenty-first century has experienced a dramatic increase in asset class diversity. This exponential change, in a short period of less than two decades, has underscored the importance of technology in managing family assets.

July 2017

Asset Vantage is a secure platform for high net worth families to control their financial data

Asset Vantage is a software platform for high net worth families with significant exposure to multiple investments to easily
manage their assets.

June 2017

Here’s how you can secure your online financial data with these five conditions

Whether you’re a globetrotting millionaire or a salaried individual, you should be vigilant about the security of your financial data. In today’s tech-driven world there are numerous free and paid apps to help track and manage your finances

April 2017

Benchmarking: Not just something for your advisor to know

Is your financial advisor delivering what you expect? And, why you need to be abreast with the
technique of benchmarking.

April 2017

Asset Vantage acquires Financial Navigator.

Asset Vantage, a Mumbai-based fintech company that offers a SaaS-based investment portfolio management software, has acquired Santa Clara-based software company Financial Navigator, a 30-year-old American firm that also runs a portfolio tracking software

April 2017

Mumbai-based fintech co Asset Vantage acquires 30-year-old American firm

BENGALURU: Asset Vantage, a Mumbai-based fintech company that offers a SaaS-based investment portfolio management software, has acquired Santa Clara-based software company Financial Navigator, a 30-year-old American firm that also runs a portfolio

April 2017

Monitoring your finances with Excel? Beware of the hidden costs!

When asked about our cost of , most of us would say, “No, it’s free”. We don’t realize that when we use Excel, we waste time trying to consolidate data and can hardly run investment analytics that are required for quality decision-making.

March 2017

Taxing times: How you can use technology to facilitate data compilation

15th March is the Ides of March and the deadline for Advance Tax. It was the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. So, don’t let it become the day the taxman comes after you.

February 2017

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Investments

Consolidation is the only way to measure and monitor asset allocation, as well as to measure cumulative exposure and comparative performance across asset classes.

February 2017

Why a Family Office trumps Unstructured Wealth Management

24% of the world’s UHNW families are in the Asia-Pacific region. But India has less than 100 single family offices, indicating that the bulk of family wealth is still being managed by family patriarchs using multiple advisors and fragmented services.

February 2017

How did Demonetization Affect your Investments?

While global economists debate the effect of demonetization on investment and GDP, closer to home HNIs are keeping an eye on their investments and net worth post demonetization.

August 2016

Set up family office and start archiving

High networth individuals and wealthy business families, are by definition, successful in what they do. Yet,when it comes to managing their own wealth, more often than not, there is a seat of the pants approach

July 2016

3 Measures to help protect your family fortune through generations

In a perfect world, high net worth families would focus on building their wealth consistently across generations. In reality however, reports across the globe suggest that 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation and a stunning 90% by the third.

June 2016

Do you think you have the perfect personal finance app? Think again!

Financial apps are essentially designed to help you monitor and track your assets while you stay updated with current events that affect your investment decisions. Interestingly, just like a business, the bigger it gets, the better you have to be at managing it

April 2016

Like It or Not, Our Financial Lives are Already on the Cloud

With the entry of non-traditional online FinTech players and growth of m-banking changing the traditional ways of operations, the Indian users have witnessed an increase in cyber-attacks in recent years.

March 2016

A ‘Vantage’ point to manage wealth

Mumbai-based firm Asset Vantage explains how technology can help wealth owners gain better control of their
financial lives

Case Study: 2009

DEL: Against All Odds

When Sunil Dalal joined Digital Electronics Limited (DEL), an instrumentation products manufacturer and distributor, in 1991, he had no idea of what he was getting into. DEL was his father’s venture and Sunil had decided to support him in growing the business.

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