UNIDEL’s companies across the Industrial IoT, Fintech and EdTech segments are designed to re-imagine solutions for current industry challenges.

and rapid change
is the reality
of our time


UNIDEL believes in the power of technology enabled disruptions and provides its companies with a long-term vision aided by strategic and operational expertise. UNIDEL’s companies are fueled with internal patient capital and have the freedom to explore growth and innovation initiatives in a process-oriented execution culture.

UNIDEL nurtures and builds its management teams with shared values and a spirit of working together for a common goal. And all along the way, UNIDEL continuously identifies strategic opportunities to step change growth for its businesses and people while accelerating value creation for its shareholders.



UNIDEL’s core theme is built around developing businesses that apply software-based automation technologies to traditional bricks and mortar industry segments. UNIDEL has evolved from its engineering roots and its differentiation lies in its ability to connect the dots in new and disruptive markets. UNIDEL’s growth is underpinned by balancing the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and risk taking with a strong execution and process-oriented culture.


UNIDEL has consistently built innovative and profitable companies and believes that value is created for all stakeholders by diligently applying knowledge gained from its many man-years of operating experience. UNIDEL’s unique skill lies in identifying high growth market opportunities combined with an ability to deliver superior execution and achieve sustained financial performance.


UNIDEL’s companies are all built on next generation technologies with the objective of automating complex but manual business processes. The next wave of products and solutions will leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based algorithms applied to the domains that UNIDEL operates in.


UNIDEL applies its time-tested management system developed over the years to each of its businesses.  The UNIDEL Business System embodies the key tenets of the Balanced Score Card approach fine-tuned for its companies and enables them to achieve financial results with an optimal use of human and financial capital. Know More

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