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Edition: October 2020


Sunil Dalal

In my previous editions of the UNIDEL Wire, I’ve shared my insights on several aspects like technology, globalization, growth, and innovation – everything that we have lived through in the last decade. In “normal” times i.e. in pre-COVID days, we had set patterns of executing these ideas and strategies. But what do you do when you are also trying to survive through the greatest Black Swan event of the last 100 years?


When the rubber hits the road and things get tough only one thing matters – people! In these last 8 months, we observed diverse behavioural patterns emerging. We bucketed them into two categories – one lot consisted of individuals who had mostly seen good times and succumbed to the pressures, needing some help to bounce back. The second lot had people who considered COVID as just one of the many obstacles that needed to be overcome – this set of people could eventually rise and shine on their own. I noticed that the latter had a lot to do with how they had grown up rather than their educational pedigree and work experience. I have observed that almost always, those who had experienced and overcome challenges in their personal lives, were the ones who could keep themselves motivated and on an upward path.



Of course, the organization had a big role to play and as a business, we did what everybody else also did, and probably a little more – ensured that people could work from home efficiently, stepped up our communication, held frequent town hall meetings, increased our Zoom usage manifold (ugh!), provided medical and mental health support etc. etc.




This is all in addition to the core reason why people get attracted to UNIDEL – our amazing portfolio of technology companies across the Industrial IoT, FinTech, and EdTech segments are designed to re-imagine solutions for industry challenges. We are of course very fortunate that being in the tech space, we could maintain business continuity and our employment levels through these trying times.


One major thing that has fundamentally changed thanks to COVID, is our hiring process – we are now going beyond the standard CV and are focused more on those experiences that make people resilient and gritty. Everything else can be achieved with training! Welcome to the new normal!







This edition of UNIDEL WIRE is dedicated to our teams who kept the wheels of innovation moving in the face of adversity. Click here to know, how.

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