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Edition: Dec 2019
Sunil Dalal
Does the proverbial concept of “hockey stick growth” even exist?  Or is it that all entrepreneurs and investors are in perpetual pursuit of nothing but a myth?  We’ve found that hitting “scale” takes time and there’s no magic silver bullet that will take you from zero to hero overnight.
You have to pay your dues and slog it out.  You have to go against the tide and believe in your own vision and hopefully convince a few people (team members, customers, investors) along the way.  Then you have to give it time and hopefully get a bit lucky too. 
Our time has come at UNIDEL. Our companies are growing fast and we are at the cusp of a massive hockey stick growth curve.
The hockey stick growth opportunity always existed for us but the only thing is that it was a bit horizontal!  When you are building new product categories, causing disruption and when the world doesn’t know what box to put you in, it always takes longer than you first imagined.  But if you are genuinely solving problems and if customers are willing to pay for your solution, you are in business.  Assuming that you’ve got a solid offering in place, it’s imperative to get some key business metrics right.  And finally it also helps if the eco-system conspires to support you.
Over the last decade, we bet the house on three large sectors that are being reshaped by technology.  On the back of that, UNIDEL has emerged as a global enterprise with a focus on technology and innovation. Our companies help drive critical decision-making through better insights enabled by automation, data and analytics.

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