UNIDEL is a family of innovative technology companies that serve large
and under-served markets with
data-led insights.

In the emerging sectors of Industrial IoT, WealthTech, and CareerTech,
UNIDEL looks at the future and asks, why wait?

Our Businesses

In a field dominated by giants who move at their own pace, why wait to create the connectivity solutions that put the “smart” in smart buildings and factories?

Connecting Devices, Enterprises, and People

With alternative investing soaring, why wait for actionable views into all high-net-worth assets and liabilities, whether liquid or illiquid?

Performance Reporting & General Ledger on Demand

As competition intensifies to enter the best careers, why wait for a scientifically backed platform that strengthens academic and career readiness; one that students can use anywhere, anytime?

Be Career Ready


In a world where most jobs are mundane,
why wait for a better tomorrow
when it can be embraced today?

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