Edition: August 2020



When Coronavirus hit India end March, like all other tech companies we scrambled to brave the “next 2 weeks”, not knowing that the lockdown would last 4 months and still a long time to go. After putting in all the WFH and health safety measures and ensuring that our global customers were being well supported, we began to introspect about what next?


The next 8 weeks through April and May brought out the best of human ingenuity, born mostly from the adversity of our circumstance. We said to ourselves  --  let’s treat this as the perfect opportunity to re-invent ourselves to build a new business model we already knew we needed; in normal times it would have taken us 10x the time to internally discuss and debate, sometimes to pointless end. But this time it was different. It was re-invent and dominate or possibly become irrelevant. So re-invent we did!  What happened next was magical – a quiet revolution unfolded at UNIDEL. We leveraged our decades of technology, domain and business experience to re-launch each of our companies in unique ways.

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In keeping with our spirit of innovation, our refreshed corporate website mirrors our evolution into UNIDEL 4.0 where our new subscription models across Group companies drive ease of doing business and rapid growth despite challenging business conditions.




Asset Vantage launched the weath-tech industry’s first SaaS based pricing model, flanked by 2 new products (AV Starter and AV Pro) on top of its industry standard AV Essential product. AV is now the only global company in its space offering its customers the ability to buy its award winning products directly from its website.




Softdel Prime by Softdel is an industry first subscription platform offering a comprehensive range of benefits to OEMs operating across the IoT value chain. Customers enjoy preferred access to Softdel‛s world-class IoT consulting services, BACnet products, tools, training, and cutting edge industry insights.




ProTeen overhauled its brand and positioning with a new website and a multi-tiered subscription model offering students and academic institutions easy access to its highly acclaimed career-readiness platform.



While one section of UNIDEL was working tirelessly to keep our virtual doors open, another small section was working on our business model for the future.  This killer combination has given us the edge that few companies in the world can boast of today.

It took us almost a decade to build our deep technical credibility. And then it took us just ~2 months to make our technical chops superbly relevant to our customers.

As a hard core technology organization, COVID-19 turned things upside down and reminded us how fragile some aspects of our business were.  As we stepped back, we were able to learn from our experiences and come up with new strategies to fundamentally change the way we approached the market.  

I feel grateful that unlike many other industries, we have still been able to function, albeit a little sub-optimally. We could continue to serve our customers and simultaneously build a new UNIDEL in 8 weeks flat!

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