UNIDEL is hiring engineers with curious minds
UNIDEL is a technology group that is disrupting the IoT, FinTech, and EdTech segments with its highly acclaimed companies – Softdel, Asset Vantage, and ProTeen. Our spirit embodies an adventurous entrepreneurial journey that has successfully led path-breaking innovations with its award-winning tech platforms.
Wonder how we do it?

Our platforms solve some of the toughest industry challenges by deploying cutting edge cloud and mobile technologies. The innovator’s DNA runs deep through each UNIDELian. Our people thrive and grow within our value system – we are agile, dependable, innovative, and always striving for excellence.

The credit for our success goes to our team of brilliant and passionate engineers who love their work and keep the wheels of innovation moving continuously. 

But why exactly do people love working with us?

We went around asking our people and here’s what they had to say:
Find out more on why people thrive and grow at UNIDEL.
Our companies are seeing a huge growth surge with marquee customers across major markets – come join us and be a part of our stellar tech teams that are innovating the future: