UNIDEL’s founder Sunil K Dalal, is pulling back the curtains
to reveal latest industry insights.

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Diamonds are forever

It’s widely known that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but it isn’t as well known that diamonds are just carbon atoms, many millions of years old,

UNIDEL is hiring engineers with curious minds

UNIDEL is a technology group that is disrupting the IoT, FinTech, and EdTech segments with its highly acclaimed companies – Softdel, Asset Vantage, and ProTeen.

When the rubber hits the road

In my previous editions of the UNIDEL Wire, I’ve shared my insights on several aspects like technology, globalization, growth, and innovation

Innovating In Adversity

When Coronavirus hit India end March, like all other tech companies we scrambled to brave the “next 2 weeks”, not knowing that the lockdown would last 4 months and still a long time to go.

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