UNIDEL’s founder Sunil K Dalal, is pulling back the curtains
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Constructive criticism is an art

Over the course of my entrepreneurial journey, I have been often typified as “disapproving”, “hard-to-please”, “judgmental”, and “fault-finding”.

Scaling tech, responsibly and sustainably

From my vantage point of steering our technology companies and my family office, I see a unique view of the markets from both sides of the table.

Diamonds are forever

It’s widely known that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but it isn’t as well known that diamonds are just carbon atoms, many millions of years old,

UNIDEL is hiring engineers with curious minds

UNIDEL is a technology group that is disrupting the IoT, FinTech, and EdTech segments with its highly acclaimed companies – Softdel, Asset Vantage, and ProTeen.

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