6 August 1941 - 2 July 2023

Kishore R Dalal (1941 - 2023), Founder

Kishore was an engineer from Case Western Reserve University, USA, and the founder of Electroslush and Digital Electronics, the group's first engineering ventures. He commenced business in 1966 from the ground up in an era dogged by government controls and inadequate engineering and manufacturing infrastructure. Kishore grew the business to a commanding position in the Indian market entirely with local knowledge and skills.

Kishore has left behind a profound legacy that has shaped the journey of our company over the years.

His vision, dedication, and tireless efforts were the cornerstones on which UNIDEL is built.

He was not only a visionary entrepreneur but also a compassionate leader who cared deeply for the well-being and growth of every member of the UNIDEL family.

His remarkable achievements, innovative ideas, and relentless pursuit of excellence have left an indelible mark on the industry and the countless lives he touched.

Always remembering the values he instilled -
Innovation, Dependability, Excellence, and Agility
We carry them forward always as we continue to build upon the strong foundation he laid.