Forging Success in Shifting Sands

Jan 31 - 4 min read

Enduring companies often have humble beginnings. Nokia, the telecommunications giant, started with an unexpected product – toilet paper. Samsung, now synonymous with cutting-edge technology, began as a grocery store. LG, a household name in electronics today, first ventured out as a skincare brand.

These stories reveal the secret to business longevity lies not in a commitment to a single product or service, but in dedication to catering to customer needs. UNIDEL’s 51-year history is a testament to customer-centricity.
Born in 1973, we started in industrial automation, evolving into a leading global technology group that serves large and under-served markets.

Companies that stand the test of time pivot deliberately. UNIDEL understands its customers’ pulse, demonstrating the ability to innovate and evolve.

UNIDEL companies – Softdel, Asset Vantage, and ProTeen – have consistently shown a commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Our businesses mantra of Innovation, Dependability, Excellence, and Agility (IDEA) has not only enabled us to survive but thrive by continuously pivoting to stay relevant.

Unidel Group
Unidel Group
Sunil Dalal
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